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Alex Stakic

"My last 5 years of real estate was built on door-knocking. Current conditions made me think about my real estate future and sustainability. Joe Moretti and Jason Simard opened new frontiers with lead conversion that changed my business."

Kerry Davies

"Sims Coaching is the 5th Coaching program I have been enrolled in. It is the best…hands down! No other program has offered so much value. Having access to the complete Sims playbook is like nothing I have seen before in a Coaching program. It is the A-Z road map to success for YOU the Realtor and every partner on your team. There is something for all Realtors no matter if you are just starting out or 25 years in the business like myself. For me, I feel like I am finally moving towards being a business owner rather than a business operator. Sim Coaching is a “disrupter” in the Coaching industry and I’m so happy to be onboard. Thanks Jason, Joe, and the rest of the team for always being available and offering so much value"

Sims Coaching Systems Founder & CEO Jason Simard, REALTOR®

Meet Jason, a top-performing real estate coach who has helped hundreds of agents create successful, six-figure businesses. With over $600 million in real estate sales over the past five years, Jason's value-based approach has allowed him to outperform the market year after year.

In his first year, Jason sold an impressive 135 homes, and even in a declining market, he managed to accomplish the purchase and sale of 205 and 257 homes in his second and third years. As a dedicated mentor and coach, Jason guided two brand new agents to 71 and 48 sales in their first year as real estate agents.

But Jason's success is not just about numbers. He is committed to providing a personalized approach to his clients, creating an elevated, world-class experience for them. His client-centric approach has earned him a reputation as a top producer in Western Canada.

Jason is also passionate about helping others succeed. He has created a collaborative movement through his eXp organization, supporting agents worldwide spanning four continents and countless states and provinces. His Sims Coaching Systems have changed the course of business for hundreds of agents, allowing them to create abundance for their communities and families.

Some of Jason's students have gone on to create sustainable high six and seven-figure businesses that help fuel their local economies. The process implemented in these businesses is based on the celebrated best practices of the Sims Real Estate Group.

When Jason is not coaching or closing deals, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and playing a good game of golf on one of Vancouver Island's beautiful golf courses.

Join Jason and his team of nine licensed agents, three licensed client care managers, five administrators, and a graphic designer as they aim to close even more transactions in 2022. Let Jason's expertise and experience help you create the successful real estate business you've always dreamed of.

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